Cyril Ramaphosa Love Affairs Exposed

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Multiple Love Affairs Exposed; Leaked Personal Emails Reflecting His Womanizing Approach

Sunday Independent’s editor Steven Motale has come across a series of personal emails belonging to the Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday which reveals his involvement in the extramarital affairs with eight different women, some of whom are university students.

Well, it is certainly a matter of downright disgrace for a wannabe President to use his illegal yet massive wealth to prey on multiple women. And to make matter worse, he also committed several vulgar acts like asking for some intimate photos and videos during his relationships apart from exploiting his partners emotionally.

Cyril Ramaphosa was as if not acquainted with the ramifications of these evil acts, so to avoid any he was holding three alternative e-mail accounts under fake names like Mambo Dimbanyika, Singo Maberemisa, and Mambo Velelambeu, which he used to communicate with these women. But still, he got caught in his misdeeds, thanks to the Sunday Independent’s editor Steven Motale and this team for their dedicated work.

The source of these emails is so authentic that even Ramaphosa office acting spokesperson Tyrone Seale admitted that the leaked emails have been extracted from Ramaphosa private account.

Till then, the Sunday Independent has revealed communication of Ramaphosa with three of the women and by seeing the depth of the communications exchanged; it seems they are certainly not in the casual relationships; since one of them had lasted for 10 years.

The email conversations reveal the first relationship with a woman, who Ramaphosa addressed as “Mukhethwa” had lasted for almost 10 years, and she had miscarried his baby as well. While obviously under some threat, she claimed that their relationship ended “some time ago”, but the emails have revealed that they were communicating even this year.  Many communications have revealed that the woman was an emotionally battered person and the broken heart because of the dominant nature of Ramaphosa during their relationship. He also ignored her on the question of the future of their baby, which shows how Ramaphosa was using this lady for his sexual desires.

The threatening nature of Cyril Ramaphosa is also evident in his second relationship, in which a 29-year old marketing student denied dating Ramaphosa. But the email evidence clearly shows how she has been sending erotic pictures and very intimate videos to Ramaphosa. It was also revealed that she and Ramaphosa met in 2012 when she was pregnant with another man’s child and she has been taking many financial favors by receiving thousands of rands from Ramaphosa.

The third relationship of Cyril Ramaphosa with his medical practitioner shows his womanizing attitude towards any lady he sees. In this case as well, she has remained silent on having any sort of relationship with Ramaphosa, as obviously instructed by her lover.

Today, everything is in public domain that how Cyril Ramaphosa used these women as objects to satiate his sexual desires, but the White media has still remained silent on the whole matter.

This case has also made him defenseless, as when the writer requested him to provide an e-mail address to which questions of a personal nature could be sent, he gave the same one he used to have communicated with all the women. However, he still approached the judiciary to stop these publications by citing his reputation, but yesterday even courts had denied his plea in its ruling by saying that the whole matter comes into the domain of public interest, therefore, such publication can’t be blocked.

The Sunday Independent has also stated that they will reveal further email conversation of Cyril Ramaphosa with other women in their future publications.