Gordhan vs Oakbay

Gordhan’s Real Motive of Seeking a Non-Interference Declaration Against Oakbay’s Accounts Closure

The tainted former Finance Minister of South Africa Pravin Gordhan’s desperate quest to obtain a declaratory order from the South African judiciary suffered a major blow as the High Court of Pretoria reprimanded the deceptive politician against any declaration not to intervene in the case of the closure of the Oakbay’s accounts in the hands of four WMC-owned banks – Standard Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank and First Rand Bank after the North Gauteng High Court’s verdict went against him a while back i.e. 18th August 2017 on the same case to render an undue favour to the WMC boss Johann Rupert and the white investors.

Though, Pravin had been abruptly sacked from the South African Finance Ministry on 31 Mar, 2017, by President Jacob Zuma, owing to all his misdeeds done, the court case went through anyway and he lost.

The  judge of the High Court Aubrey Ledwaba dismissing Gordhan’s quest for a declaratory order says, “It is not appropriate for a member of the national executive to draw the judiciary into the exercise of his executive functions as evidenced in this application.”

Now the real question arises – being such as a calculative & meticulous minister, how could Gordhan take a such a premature step of filing an application for a declaratory order from the High Court when as Finance Minister of the nation it was his authorized obligation to intervene in the case of dispute between banks’ and Oakbay’s accounts closure.

Let us analyze it a bit deeply. Firstly, Pravin’s desperation to acquire an immunity to avoid any judiciary questions about WMC, in case Government sets a State Capture enquiry, forced him to file an application for declaration. If such approval had been passed from the court, Pravin would have avoided any misdeeds exposure from WMC.

Secondly, he shrewdly gambled upon filing an application so that no other ministries could have interfered in any way possible regarding the misdoings of the banks to close Oakbay’s accounts.

On the onset of the bank accounts’ closure, the Guptas had sought out for Gordhan’s help with a thought that the incumbent Finance Minister would definitely put a stop on the banks’ planned atrocity, but least Oakbay had known that the entire conspiracy was laid out by Gordhan himself for his WMC bosses.

Gordhan’s conspiracy to destroy Oakbay on behalf of WMC finally led the Guptas to sell off their mining company Tegeta Exploration and Resources Pty Ltd to Charles King SA and media outlets ANN7 (Infinity Media) and The New Age (TNA) to Jimmy Manyi’s ‘Lodidox’ with a commendable intent to save the jobs of around 7500 black natives.

The motive behind destroying the Gupta owned Oakbay was very clear; to make way for the England based companies and South Africa’s WMC boss Johann Rupert in order to loot the resources, exploit the black natives and once again bring back white oppression in South Africa.

Before the conspiracy was executed, the objective of Gordhan had been exposed when Minister of Minerals ‘Mosebenzi Zwane’ in a tongue-in-a-cheek statements slipped the information to the people after a cabinet meeting based on the subject of vacating the economy for overseas investors, which he later denied coming as he came under the pressure of WMC stooge Gordhan.

Recently, Gordhan tried to speak on behalf of the South African government at a pious Gandhi Memorial Lecture, but the ANC’s noted parliamentarian Edward Zuma in front of a packed audience exposed Gordhan’s hypocrisy by calling him a liar which received a huge applause from the black natives.

Gordhan’s attempt to speak against looting South African energy and resources indicated that the under-fire former Finance Minister was trying to win hearts of ANC to save him from facing judiciary, but junior Zuma’s bellowing voice at Gordhan once again highlighted Gordhan’s heinous crime, dismantling Oakbay which was shouldering South Africa’s Radical Economic Transformation (RET) letting black natives to persuade their dream.