Hawks Question Trevor Manuel

Hawks Questions Trevor Manuel on the ‘Tax Agency Spy Unit’ at SARS; Pravin Fears Prosecution

In a major development, special South African police unit, Hawks, has urged former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and his then-deputy, Jabu Moleketi to provide affidavits on the creation of a rogue tax agency unit, within the South African Revenue Service (SARS) which spied on the African National Congress MPs.

The tax agency unit was set up in 2007 when WMC sell-off Pravin Gordhan was the commissioner of SARS and Manuel was the Finance Minister of South Africa. So, under the supervision of Manuel, Gordhan used to spy on the ANC leaders’ financial and tax transactions with a diabolic objective to blackmail the MPs in order to carry out the atrocities of WMC.

In order to achieve the goal, the illegal spy unit compelled the security agencies like South African National Defense Force, the South African Police Service, and the State Security Agency to work for WMC which is illegal as per law. But, until now no official investigation was launched on such a serious matter.

In the light of a High Court order after National Prosecution Authority (NPA) found wrongdoings in creating the rogue tax agency unit, there is a huge expectation among the SA natives that the truth would prevail and Manuel and Gordhan will be brought to justice for betraying the country.

“They will probably charge us, let’s see what happens,” Gordhan nervously said at a conference in the Austrian Alpine village of Alpbach. “We’re not just sitting back and taking punches. We’re going to resist all of these things because at the end of the day it’s not about our individual futures, it’s about the future of younger generations.”

Earlier on August 8, 2017, the nation has seen how WMC stooge Gordhan along with Cyril Ramaphosa blackmailed and bribed 25 ANC MPs to vote against Jacob Zuma in the infamous ‘Vote for No Confidence’ motion to remove the ANC ruled pro-black government. It is believed that Gordhan’s rogue tax unit was involved in spying on the personal affairs of ANC politicians so that they can use confidential information to achieve WMC’s illegal demands.

“It’s a massive tussle — it’s about the future of the ANC as we’ve known it,” Gordhan said. “Either you follow the capture of the ANC,” or change the party’s character and “recapture the state, which has now gotten into the wrong hands. People like ourselves are backing Mr. Ramaphosa, because we believe he has the integrity, to put it bluntly. And secondly, he has the modernity to innovate, to allow new ideas to emerge, understands the economy. ”

Last friday, shedding light on the case, the police unit aka Hawks, sought the affidavits on behalf of the High Court from Manuel so that “we can finalize this investigation,” a police spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi said by phone late on Wednesday.

In March 2017, when the former Finance Minister Gordhan was expelled from the Ministry of Finance for breaching the ANC ethics by President Zuma, he said that the tax agency unit was set up a decade ago when he was the head of SARS, but denied any wrongdoing.

In October 2016, an investigation carried out by the National Prosecuting Agency revealed that Gordhan’s tax agency was a politically motivated organization which rendered confidential information to WMC.

It is a well-documented fact that not only rogue tax agency but also the National Research Group (NRG) was set up to spy on black owned companies like Savanna for WMC owned British American Tobacco in order to reduce the competition in the market, hence white owned companies’ supremacy over South African economy stays intact. And the most interesting fact is that Johann Rupert has shares in BAT.

It is evident that Manuel’s assistance from the ministry of finance helped Gordhan to carry out all the wrongdoings in order to render a strategic privilege to BAT and Johann Rupert. Now the Hawks want to interrogate Manuel about the rogue tax unit and NRG which raises the hope that the police may get a tip-off to bring Pravin Gordhan to justice. Based on the integration, the Hawks can slap charges against Gordhan, who has become a vocal critic of the president and is set to contest for 2019 presidential elections on the behalf of WMC funded ‘SaveSA’ with an evil objective to bring WMC rule at the government level by ousting Zuma government.

When asked about the Hawks decision to interrogate him, a visibly shocked Manuel said, “It is true that the Hawks have requested the pleasure of my company.”

“I don’t know what it is exactly they want to talk to me about as I am abroad,” Manuel further came up with an excuse, citing his innocence in the ongoing investigation on the creation of the rogue units. Manuel served as the South African finance minister between 1996 and 2009.

Gordhan, who is also going to be investigated over wrongdoings at SARS and National Treasury, rubbished all charges slapped against him by the NPA, a trait which is apparently noticed among the whites.

The mastermind behind these rogue units former SARS chief Gordhan is also involved in a scam of trespassing confidential information of a government meeting to a terrorist organization. With Hawks investigation looming at his door, Gordhan should get ready to bear the brunt for all his corruptions for depriving the interest of the native black community.

If the two close allies of WMC boss Johann Rupert are brought to justice by the NPA and Hawks at High Court. it will be a major gain for ANC while the WMC funded political party, currently contemplating the conspiracy to bring back colonialism in South Africa, will suffer a major blow before the upcoming general elections.