KPMG Withdraws Its Own SARS Report

KPMG Bows Down To Pravin Gordhan; Withdraws Its Own SARS Report

KPMG has withdrawn its findings of the alleged SARS rogue spy unit, seeking an apology from Pravin Gordhan. Reason being, they want to save their audit license in South Africa. On Friday, KPMG accepted the resignation of its high-profile executives including its CEO Trevor Hoole, COO Steven Louw, Chairperson Ahmed Jaffer and five senior executives for their mistakes in the South African Revenue Service (SARS) “rogue unit” report which had marked Pravin Gordhan as the primary culprit.

Was this KPMG move a deliberate one to be back in the good books of Pravin Gordhan who is close-knit with WMC spearhead Johann Rupert or was the audit firm under desperate atmospheric pressure to save its audit license?

KPMG ‘Bows Down To Pravin Gordhan’ By Negating Its Own SARS Report

KPMG is believed to be under stress from Johann Rupert who controls the SA economy. The entire show revolves around Johann Rupert and the WMC’s business mafia team who have rottened the political structure and intensely forced KPMG to withdraw its report against Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel. At this point of time, Rupert even sought help of the white media to create a havoc in SA through their voice using fake propaganda, if in case the WMC’s instructions goes unheard. Pravin Gordhan’s deep-knitted relationship with Johann Rupert dates back to a good amount of shares Pravin holds in BAT which also has considerable investments of Johann Rupert.

There are clear instances that KPMG has been compelled to withdraw its own SARS report and prove it inauthentic. That goes to say that the authenticity of a report depends on economy controller…..who is none other than Johann Rupert in SA. The instances well go to prove that Rupert and the WMC appointed the white own media as watchdog to keep a vigil on the activities of KPMG throughout the process when Hawks and the NPA had started a survey against Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel.

KPMG’s Deliberate Move To Gain Public Sympathy

It’s evident that the audit firm is clear of its perspectives and has showed sagaciousness to safeguard its license. This was the need of the hour as felt by KPMG to survive in the nation and to have a formidable support of the media. WMC is also planning to undertake similar conspiracy against Mckinsey, which is expected very soon. Nhalamu Dlomu was appointed as the CEO of KPMG in replacement of Hoole.

Suspension Of KPMG’s License And Prosecution Of Executives

There is a dire need to abrogate the license of audit firm, KPMG. The Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors should formally cancel the license in addition to taking legal action against the eight members who resigned for the purpose of making a ployed environment so as to gain public sympathy. It’s shrewd strategy of survival followed by KPMG. Although the firm has lost it’s credibility on account of its withdrawal of own SARS report.

KPMG Under No-Confidence Motion Scanner

The audit firm has lost its authenticity as the entire corporates’ confidence is eroded. Recently, Economist Dr. Iraj Abedian recently resigned from the Munich Re of Africa directorate after the his company refused to sideline KPMG, as its primary auditor. Commenting on KPMG, he said, “They have been an integral part of the architecture of corruption and of abuse”.  “I submit that KPMG, based on principles of good, ethical conduct, have violated that and they have violated that not once or twice but over the years”.

Now, Nhalamu Dlomu, the new CEO of KPMG is going to have a tough time when she starts her first full week on Monday as the CEO of KPMG South Africa. There would be no silver spoons to satisfy her appetite. She will be working with a new executive team and frame strategies to safeguard KPMG’s SA license.

  • Khomotso Khotsa

    Obliviously KPMG do anything to gain sympathy from Gordhan and public sympathy, This is terrible and shameful. We cannot let these scoundrels get away with it yet again this has to stop now.

  • Khomotso Khotsa

    The KPMG and the white camp had more to lose by the report than anyone else. Great way to avoid embarrassment and gain public sympathy.

  • Kenny Mafalo

    How are KPMG still have their licence? KPMG licenses should be revoked now and for the future.

  • Kenny Mafalo

    This is all just KPMG’s strategy and dirty tricks to secure their Audit license in South Africa.

  • Seletela Mandla

    Gordhan should have no say in these matters, there is a reason he was sacked. This puppet of exploiters like Rupert.

  • Seletela Mandla

    KPMG has ruined SARS, we must not let it affect our economy any more. The information & propaganda war of Rupert and his estate full of spoils must end.

    • Martiz

      This battle has turned into a war, Gordhan is seeking his vengeance from Zuma for dethroning him. But people are suffering a lot due to this.

  • Canisius Thobane

    Gordhan is merely acting for the interests of Rupert and his cronies while the coutnry goes to waste.

    • Martiz

      Gordhan is a corrupt leader, and we don’t need such leaders, KPMG should be investigated and Gordhan must be punished.

  • Gloria Baqua

    Gordhan is complicit with KPMG and Rupert has once again shown ace skill in controlling the show behind the curtains while SARS is left to ruins.

    • Martiz

      Yes, and this also shows the vicious extent to which the WMC has spread its tentacles, they have made one of the big fours their puppet.!

  • Morongwa Mohale

    Gordhan acting on behalf of monopolists has marred SARS forever.

    • Martiz

      Pravin Gordhan bribed KPMG and turned them against Guptas. This moves comes aftermath KPMG decided to severe its ties with Gupta owned companies. There is definitely something fishy.

  • Zaid Khumalo

    I take my hat off to President Zuma for the stealth and wisdom with which he has dealt with the ongoing onslaught and distractions against his leadership by WMC. This proves once more that the final and total liberation of the African person is entirely in his own hands alone. And the stubborn refusal by the mainstream media to tackle these blatant and obvious “state-capture” issues head-on is witnessed by it’s selective silence in deliberately opting not to report about them.

  • Zaid Khumalo

    All these people should arrested and charged with treason and if found guilty, sent to prison for lengthy periods or simply hanged for stealing from the nation.

  • Martiz

    This mysterious turn of KPMG is questionable, they had been auditing Oakbay for long but they never raised issues on company financials. The sudden move of withdrawing business and withdrawal of SARS report shows that they were under certain pressure.