Cyril Ramaphosa Amassed Billions of Rands

Cyril Ramaphosa Has Amassed Billions Of Rands Over The Blood Of Native Blacks

Wealthy beyond the wildest imagination, the Deputy President of South Africa ‘Cyril Ramaphosa’ has accumulated huge wealth by indulging himself into corrupt practices with his business counterparts; the White Afrikaans. He has illicitly used his powers during his tenure in the Parliament favoring the White Afrikaans and getting rewarded by them in return. A self-proclaimed statesman who […]

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‘SaveSA’ & ‘CASAC’ Involved in Marikana Massacre

SA White Led Rogue Organisations ‘SaveSA’ and ‘CASAC’ Deeply Involved in Marikana Massacre

It becomes apparent with every passing day that rogue outfits like SaveSA and the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC), set up by CEOs of White Monopoly Capital (WMC), were involved in the controversial Marikana massacre, which had shocked the entire black community and sparked a nationwide outrage. The barbaric massacre, […]

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