Ramaphosa does not support RET

Ramaphosa Doesn’t Support RET – Mbalula

JOHANNESBURG- Fikile Mbalula says deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa should not become the next African National Congress (ANC) leader because he does not support Radical Economic Transformation (RET).

Mbalula claims that Ramaphosa instead wants to come up with his own policy concept to counter RET.

“Cyril has not embraced RET, he is actually rubbishing it. He is coming with his own policy conception about a new deal and it’s based on the fact that when he takes over the markets will stabilise,” Mbalula told Africa News24-7.

The police minister who is a staunch Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma supporter added that Ramaphosa has not presented a concrete idea to tackle the issue of the economy to ensure more black people play an active role. He questioned how Ramaphosa’s election to the party’s top position would ‘miraculously’ stabilise the country’s ailing economy and the markets.

“Why will they stabilise? What will he do when he takes over to course the markets to stabilise? What is it that he has said to these people that we don’t know? Why are they (markets) not stabilising now because he is the deputy president of the ANC? Nkosazana will stabilise the economy while at the same time ensuring non-negotiable change and that is the capacity she has, she is an all-rounder,” he said.

Mbalula has not hidden his admiration and support for Dlamini-Zuma. He has even taken to social media to tell South Africans to prepare themselves for history. He said she will emerge victorious from the upcoming elective conference despite Ramaphosa having gained the upper hand following nominations.

Mbalula said party members believe in Dlamini-Zuma because she will lead the charge towards the second phase of the revolution.

“She is very clear on the ANC policy. She articulates it and because we are at the Radical Economic Transformation phase which is the policy of the ANC. Based on history, Nkosazana is very decisive, she is assertive and her track record speaks to us today,” he said.

Mbalula continued to say in achieving the goal of RET, the party has to be led by individuals who will take on monopoly capitalists to push the agenda of black South Africans.

“The next battle we choose is going to be hard, we don’t need apologists, people who apologize to capital and want to please monopolies at the expense of the majority of the people who are suffering. The fact of the matter is that this conference is about continuity in leadership and change in policy. That is what Nkosazana embraces and articulates vehemently. You can take a policy on RET and say change things when it comes to land but if you don’t have a leader who is going to lead the crusade of the poor and fundamentally change things in this country, you are lost. For the next 20 years, our people will ask what did freedom do for us? We had a two-thirds majority as the ANC in the first 20 years, what did we do with that? Nkosazana is one person who is not dilly dulling and ambiguous about the second phase of the transition,” Mbalula said.

News Source: http://www.africanews24-7.co.za/index.php/southafricaforever/ramaphosa-doesnt-support-ret-mbalula/