‘SaveSA’ & ‘CASAC’ Involved in Marikana Massacre

SA White Led Rogue Organisations ‘SaveSA’ and ‘CASAC’ Deeply Involved in Marikana Massacre

It becomes apparent with every passing day that rogue outfits like SaveSA and the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC), set up by CEOs of White Monopoly Capital (WMC), were involved in the controversial Marikana massacre, which had shocked the entire black community and sparked a nationwide outrage. The barbaric massacre, which took place on 16 August 2012, is the single most lethal use of force by Marikana mine CEO Ian Farmer against the innocent black natives of South Africa since 1960s. After the shocking reports have emerged, plan of SaveSA and CASAC to contest 2019 general elections suffered a huge blow in the light of their involvement in the mass killing.

Involvement of SaveSA and CASAC in the Marikana massacre made one thing crystal clear that none of these outfits are going to save the nation, instead, they would, ultimately, loot the energy and resources of the country for WMC boss Johann Rupert and his supporters.

The infamous mass killing started as a wildcat strike at a mine owned by Lonmin in the Marikana area, close to Rustenburg, South Africa in 2012.

All these scandals are revealed in a letter addressed to the leader of SaveSA and CASAC, Sipho Pityana. In the light of the exposed letter, now CEOs of these two rogue outfits requested the ‘civil society’ activists to write a letter to Pityana, the owner of the controversial mining company AngloGold Ashanti, representing WMC-led ‘civil society’ to save the public image of SaveSA and CASAC. These two main organisations are currently sponsoring a major evil objective of ‘state capture’, thus toppling the South Africa’s pro-black President Jacob Zuma to bring back WMC’s rule at government level in 2019.

The letter signed by Ian Farmer (CEO of Lonmin at the time of the Marikana massacre), Jay Naidoo (former member of the SaveSA steering committee and currently the executive secretary of CASAC), Richard Calland (‘University of Cape Town’ professor and member of the executive committee of CASAC) exposed their involvement in the heinous crime.

Ironically, all of the three are the founding members of a risk analysis company called The Paternoster Group, which has illicit business association with corrupt WMC-owned multinational companies like Merrill Lynch, Citibank, and Bank of America, who are involved in the notorious banking price fixing scandal and sponsoring SaveSA and CASAC’s campaign for 2019 presidential elections in order to oust Jacob Zuma regime to bring back WMC-promoted government.

The letter has also the sign of four other culprits, who praised SaveSA and CASAC for their work in creating conspiracy theories against the African National Congress (ANC) rule government, which exposed that they are facing a big challenge from the Judiciary and the ANC rule government for executing the plan of massacre.

The letter further revealed, “The activists said that while they appreciated the ‘mission, bravery and work of both CASAC and SaveSA, including the important efforts of Lawson Naidoo and Richard Calland’, they felt they needed to raise these concerns in regard to ‘protecting the credibility of SaveSA and CASAC’”.

To avoid Judiciary’s vigil look and questions on this brutal mass killing case both Naidoo and Calland could have potentially used their connections in SaveSA and CASAC to aid their risk management business. Nindo appeared in a video post for The Paternoster website wearing a SaveSA T-shirt. It is also revealed that both Colland and Naidoo receive money from “clients of Paternoster… in part owing to their connection to CASAC and/or SaveSA.”

To dwarf their involvement in the case the risk analysis company founded by Naidoo, Calland, and Farmer, went on to release a half-baked report on the findings after a fabricated investigation on the Farlam commission of inquiry, basically, they tried to depict Lonmin CEO Ian Farmer’s involvement in the massacre on a lighter note.

At the same time, the main culprit behind this barbaric Marikana massacre Pityana, a WMC stooge, owned mine company AngloGold Ashanti, found himself in a huge controversy as he made multi million rands profit leaving hundreds of mine workers sick. As the worker revolted against the company, Pityana planned to sack 8500 black natives employee to ensure his profit remains intact and divert the attention of people from the exposed letter. This selfish decision raised questions on Pityana’s intent to contest the next general elections in 2019 for SaveSA when he can’t save 8500 employees losing jobs. It is clear that South Africa needs to be saved from SaveSA before it’s too late.

( Source Courtesy: https://blackopinion.co.za/ )

  • Arne Theunissen

    To the author. As the term “white monopoly capital” was used, I can only assume that the Gupta’s hold the purse strings of this publication.
    Do you feel nothing about promoting hatred in South Africa, just to obscure the theft of billions?
    Do you realise how much suffering you endorse by trying to divert attention away from criminal elements?
    Those billions stolen could have built thousands of quality homes, educated thousands of students with exeptional world class educations and helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve their lives.
    Instead we have you with your fake news. If even one person believes this shit, then you have contributed to one of the greatest evils that this country has ever had.
    Apartheid took lives and freedom, but the Gupta family stole our hope.

    • Martiz

      See, WMC is not a fragment of imagination, it is a threat which Nelson Mandela recognized. The WMC has really captured our economy and has plagued our land. This certainly needs to change, the sooner, the better.

  • Martiz

    ‘The infamous mass killing started as a wildcat strike at a mine owned by Lonmin in the Marikana area, close to Rustenburg, South Africa in 2012.’- yet the chief culprits of this massacre are roaming free. It is a shame for our judiciary!