Women are not safe with Cyril Ramaphosa

Women are Not Safe with Cyril Ramaphosa

Rape is a serious matter which must never be taken lightly nor used in opportunistic political battles. The Deputy President and one of the frontrunners in the ANC presidential race, Cyril Ramaphosa, now says he believes Fezekile Kuzwayo – also known as Khwezi, was raped by President Jacob Zuma. Khwezi is the woman who accused […]

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Cyril Ramaphosa Amassed Billions of Rands

Cyril Ramaphosa Has Amassed Billions Of Rands Over The Blood Of Native Blacks

Wealthy beyond the wildest imagination, the Deputy President of South Africa ‘Cyril Ramaphosa’ has accumulated huge wealth by indulging himself into corrupt practices with his business counterparts; the White Afrikaans. He has illicitly used his powers during his tenure in the Parliament favoring the White Afrikaans and getting rewarded by them in return. A self-proclaimed statesman who […]

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Sugar Daddy And Blessers Culture

‘Sugar Daddy’ And ‘Blessers’ Culture – An Incest To The Modern Day Feminism

The term ‘Sugar Daddy’ can be a fancy and adorable expression for many, but its literal meaning is quite wickedly contrary to it. This slang expression depicting to a wealthy, usually older man (“sugar daddies”) who gives expensive gifts (or financial assistance) to a much younger female (“sugar babies”) in return for companionship or sexual […]

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Cyril Ramaphosa Love Affairs Exposed

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Multiple Love Affairs Exposed; Leaked Personal Emails Reflecting His Womanizing Approach

Sunday Independent’s editor Steven Motale has come across a series of personal emails belonging to the Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday which reveals his involvement in the extramarital affairs with eight different women, some of whom are university students. Well, it is certainly a matter of downright disgrace for a wannabe […]

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