White Media Efforts To Shield Ramaphosa

White Media’s Shameless Efforts To Shield Ramaphosa

White media’s ‘personal vendetta’ spree against the Guptas sounds far from over. It has still not able to overcome the shock and humiliation which its white monopoly capital (WMC) masters had to face from the Guptas’ reign of establishing stringent business tactics to institutionalize RET in South Africa. So, it’s personal vendetta still continues this day.

And now that a few high-profile WMC stooges like Cyril Ramaphosa have been recently making news pertaining to a bunch of leaked personal emails of multiple affairs, the white media has finally resorted to all levels of shamelessness in order to defend Ramaphosa in every way possible even at the expense of playing its most destructive ‘Gupta propaganda’ card.

Since the breaking of the #Ramaphosaleaks news, an escalated intensity of the Guptas targeted news has been witnessed flooding across all the white owned media channels, twitter & facebook platforms etc (almost 90% of media owned by the whites), and this particular scenario stinks of a downright ‘white media blueprint agenda’.

White media breaks all barriers of shame in order to defend Ramaphosa

The most shameless deed which the white media has currently resorted to is to flood the internet with tons of propaganda articles, mainly against the Guptas, so as to tip off the minds and vision of SA readers away from the actual matter-at-hand #Ramaphosaleaks.

White Online Media Channels Defending Ramaphosa At The Expense Of The Guptas Propaganda

Here are a few scenarios of some of the white media channels who have resorted to this nuance:


@TimesLive has pushed a record 6 unnecessary articles, with fancy headlines, against the Guptas in a single day, that too in the light of the #Ramaphosaleaks stint. The actual context of these articles are completely baseless.

@TimesLive Post 1:

Timeslive Title 1

@TimesLive Post 2:

Timeslive Title 2

@TimesLive Post 3:

Timeslive Title 3

@TimesLive Post 4:

Timeslive Title 5

@TimesLive Post 5:

Timeslive Title 6



@BusinessLiveSA Post 1:

BusinessLive Image 1

@BusinessLiveSA Post 2:

BusinessLive Image 2

@BusinessLiveSA Post 3:

BusinessLive Image 3


@News24 Post 1:

News24 Post 1

@News24 Post 2:

News24 Post 2

@News24 Post 3:

News24 Post 3

White Journalists Defending Ramaphosa At The Expense Of The Guptas Propaganda

Apart from the media channels, most of the white media journalists have also come out in defense of #Ramphosa on twitter by posting out-of-context tweets (mainly targeting the Guptas) in order to create a diversion from #Ramaphosaleaks.

Ferial Haffajee’s Out-Of-Context, mainly irrelevant Tweets:

Ferial’s Tweet 1:

Ferial Tweet 1

Ferial’s Tweet 2:

Ferial Tweet 2

Ferial’s Tweet 3:

Ferial Polygamy Tweet


Adriaan Basson’s Guptas Focused Tweets:

Adriaan’s Tweet 1:

Adriaan Tweet Image 1

Adriaan’s Tweet 2:

Adriaan Tweet Image 2


In A Nutshell

The above nuances of the white media clearly justifies a personal vendetta agenda for WMC and Ramaphosa. So, now the only thing which needs to be done by the SA natives is a thorough introspection so as to witness the real faces of these western looters who have exploited our country’s economy and natives alike.